I am a Senior Design Leader with a diverse background in visual, interactive and strategic product design. My UX design experience spans mobile and TV to emerging multimodal devices like the Echo Show, where the combination of voice and screen interaction is transforming the way we interact with technology at home and on the go. 

With 20 years of experience, I have helped businesses and cultural organizations engage with customers at each touch point of their brand. I strive to create beautiful, intuitive and friction-free interactions with devices and information; I collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams, crafting product experiences that aim to empower, delight and inspire.

I am currently working on Alexa Entertainment's most strategic initiatives for future product releases. Focusing on the Alexa Music customer experience, I am spearheading and coordinating the design work across partner and business teams to envision and deliver V1 features for Alexa customers. I am planning and managing UX Design Sprints aimed at exploring early phase customer experience concepts, then running qualitative research studies with Amazon cutomers to inform overal design strategy and product planning.

Through a process of experimentation, research, and discovery, my end goal is to not simply preserve, but to reinvigorate the brands of the companies that I work for.

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