TV/Tablet UX, Samsung Design Europe

I worked with Samsung Design Europe in the spring of 2008 to provide user interface design concepts for Samsung's LED "TV Couple" consumer tablet. This product was an innovative, touch screen tablet for the living room that predated the iPad and other tablets that now provide similar companion experiences for the TV. This product was shipped in Korea, bundled with a high-end LED TV. 

The goal of the program was to not only design the foundation of the UX, but also produce a series of high quality videos used as part of a larger product demo to senior VP's who were considering launching the product. A working prototype was also delivered.

Living and working in London for a month, I became an extended member of the SDE user experience product design team, interacting directly with industrial designers, PMs and the client team. I worked alongside other senior Method staff, leading the visual design execution and collaborating on interaction design models. In addition to providing visual and interaction design leadership, I worked closely with product team leadership on the development of future product features and services.

Date: 2008
Client: Samsung Design Europe
Role: Senior Designer, Art Director
Tags: Mobile